Strategies and Tactics, Leveraging digital technology

We do understand that the diversity of economies need to be involved actively early on in order to structure a well functioning regional commercial positive outcome. This day, we tried focus our attention on how to carefully craft functioning arrangements between all stakeholders and engage with global- and well as local leading companies to find the best solutions for all.
The moderator: Dr. Kaspar Bänziger. Speakers: Kairat Kaliyev, Pierre-Edouard Wahl, Boris Eyker.
Here are some key points that have discussed today:

  • Digital Silk Road will bring harmonization across the whole east-west corridor
  • We build an ecosystem to deploy the best in class financial technologies to build a regional leading market place
  • Code will be the law in cyber space that will bring down the wall for transaction
  • Smart contracts are not that smart so we have to be practical to make the business easier