Here, all attendees of the Caspian Week can meet up to make useful contacts for successful business in the Caspian region and beyond.
Caspian Week Conference: Day Four
Throughout the first annual venue for the Caspian Week Conference, held in 2017 at Promenade 73 in Davos had been a hub for experts. On the final day of the conference, we decided to open up this gathering of great minds to all comers, turning our venue into a buzzing networking lounge.

Leading figures from the Caspian region and beyond, including our panellists from across the week, met up to discuss business opportunities, technological solutions and political developments. Caspian region cuisine provided by our high-end caterers of Geneva's Silk Road Restaurant fuelled the discussions. Top chef Kamol Dzhantagaev, who hails from Uzbekistan, prepared a feast of Caspian flavours for our guests. This included a variety of salads, succulent shashlik, steaming traditional manty and many other dishes from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Washed down with selected fine wines, the tastes of the Caspian enchanted the attendees.

Showcase interviews were conducted with some of the guests, including lawyer and former UN peacekeeper Matthew Parish, who is an expert on the Caspian region. He told the audience about the Caspian countries' huge economic potential in various different business sectors. Just one of these is tourism, which Parish explained was down to the region's fascinating cultural mix and stunning natural beauty. Kaspar Bänziger, who hosted our discussions, summed up everyone's feelings about Caspian Week in his interview: "A great week, so many interesting people. I'll be back next year!"