Framing the Caspian Opportunities for Digital World

The Caspian Week 2018 organized under the motto 'Finis Origine pendet' a full day dedicated to the Caspian Region. The focus was to elaborate the many commercial opportunities that new digital technologies could bring to the trade and logistics value chain. Our panelists included leading experts referring about regional economies, policies, international standard setting, legal aspects, all on the back of a multitude of novel digital technologies. We assessed how blockchain, digital assets, big data, smart contracts etc. could improve the commercial flow across the region.
The moderator: Dr. Kaspar Bänziger. Speakers: Boris Eykher, Philip Prowse, Kairat Kelimbetov, Matthew L. Schwartz.
The Caspian Region is developing into one of the most vibrant- and interesting economic regions in the World. The five countries Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan are the home of over 250 million citizens, generating a combined GDP of $ 2 trillion. The Caspian region is at the crucial social-economic nexus between East-West and North-South and provides over 60% of the global gas reserves and 20% of the global oil reserves. While natural resources define the backbone of most regional economies, the increasing diversifications into manufacturing and vertical linkages of value chains represent tremendous opportunities for economic growth.

Caspian Region has a tremendous human potential, though all countries encounter similar issues on the way to their development. The philosophy of the ancient Silk Road was to connect city by city in order to become part of the global economy. New technologies will give the region the opportunity to have the fresh start and to build the Digital Silk Road.