Will 3 billion people become financially included thanks to fintech?

On Wednesday we discussed about Digital Technology shaping Global Finance. These panels deciphered the fast emerging opportunities, challenges and intricacies of the fintech landscape, the nexus to economic reality and monetary governance. We addressed several topics around finance and innovation. How fintech impacts the economic value chains from a macro perspective of central banks and regulatory aspect as well as from a bottom up-, economic reality standpoint.
The moderator: Dr. Kaspar Bänziger. Speakers: prof. Alexandre Swoboda, dr. Veronica Lange, dr. Nuria Oliver, Yorke E. Rhodes III
Finance lies at the core of our economy and society and its relevance cannot be understated. The ability to exchange value efficiently, to borrow, invest and lend and to manage assets effectively enables society to progress economically and develop resilience across generations. Accelerating innovation and development in digital technologies are fundamentally changing financial services, creating new opportunities and challenges for customers, service providers and regulators. Digital innovations and ubiquitous mobile data access enables emerging nations to become financially included and provide small businesses, the backbone of economies, the necessary means to operate and build value.