"Bitcoin is dead! Long live the Cybercurrencies!"

On Wednesday, January 24, 2018, the second legendary debate took place, whether the emerging Cybercurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, are a mere market anomaly or real rising alternatives to the fiat currency system.
The moderator: Dr. Kaspar Bänziger. Speakers: prof. Alexandre Swoboda, Michael Huttman, dr. Daniel Heller, Jeffery Wernick.
The first debate was held during the annual IMF meeting in Washington D.C. in collaboration with Pictet Nord America Advisors on Oct 13, 2017. The debate was wildly successful with a massive turn out and an interesting one-sided outcome, which was challenged on Jan 24! Our guests had a chance to join the exciting participatory Oxford style debate to discover who was able to sway their votes towards the desired direction based on rational but emotional arguments.