Artificial intelligence, augmented reality = better healthcare for all! Really?

In medicine, we measure, we question, we decide and act. Then, we treat with knives, tools, drugs and machines and settle claims. We observe-, collect data- and leverage new knowhow for developing better options for diagnosis, treatment and public health.
The moderator: Dr. Kaspar Bänziger. Speakers: prof. Ernst Hafen, Stephanie Bova, Richard Fritschi, dr. med. Walter Weder, prof. dr. med. Andreas Trojan, dr. Andreas Wespi, Yorke E. Rhodes III.
The healthcare value chain with a share of GDP of up to 20 % (USA), is ripe for disruptive innovation for increasing patient compliance in order to reduce the suffering, cost and time. Today, data handling is highly inefficient and structured in silos. The majority of medical mistakes are based on data errors and incompatibility of such. Digital technology disruption is revolutionary in all aspects from the patient's bedside to the development of new treatment options.

Blockchain will enable to better store, distribute and manage data. "Trusted and open R&D processes and audible & secure transactions" are key to develop better means of treatments. New cloud data storage enables to empower the individuals to become owners of data vested with the decision-making power. MIDATA.coop for example enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish cooperatives. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being accepted across the healthcare value chain and helps care providers and patients alike to increase the speed and precision of diagnoses and enable personalized treatment strategies.