22–26 January 2018, Davos, Switzerland

The Caspian Week conference is a meeting point of visionaries, market leaders and experts with the focus in the Caspian region as a vital element of the future global society and economy. MORE ABOUT US

Prof. Walter Weder
Medical Co-Director, University Hospital Zurich
Dr. Andreas Wespi
Research Scientist, IBM Research, Zurich
Dr. Daniel Heller
Peterson Institute, Washington D.C.
Prof. Florin Baeriswyl
Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
Dr. Nuria Oliver
Data Science Research, Vodafone UK
Prof. Reza Abhari
Global Power and Propulsion Society, ETH Zürich
Prof. Ugo Panizza
The Graduate Institute Geneva
Jeffery Wernick
Lead Investor and Advisor to Qtum, Singapore
Samantha Zirkin
CEO & Founder, Point 93, New York
Boris Eyker
CEO, Open Mineral AG, Zug
Rehan Chaudhri
CEO, Peak XV Advisors, New York
Kairat Kelimbetov
Governor of Astana International Financial Centre
Steve Johanns
CEO, Veriown Global, Chicago
Nataša Kozlevčar
Co-founder, Money Rebel, Slovenia
Philip Prowse
Partner; Solicitor, HFW, UK
Prof. Cédric Dupont
The Graduate Institute, Geneva


Finis origine pendet is our motto and stands for 'the end depends upon the beginning'. Our $75 trillion global economy is at the beginning of a massive digital transformation. Innovation will lead to structural improvements-, market disruptions and emergence of new business models across all value chains! New technologies such as distributed ledgers-, artificial intelligence-; smart- contracts and digital assets will enable 3.5 billion people to become financially included. However, the digital transformation is not a one-way street.

Value chains are complex and can only be improved by carefully arranging the various parts collaboratively between industry- market- and policy participants, in an intelligent way, starting from the beginning. Our goal is to decipher the important points and develop successful digital strategies at the beginning towards a successful end for the benefit of all stakeholders!

Our 'Finis origine pendet' program is structured along the logic of a) analyzing how new technologies can impact value chains and b) how we can become active economic participants in respective sectors. Each day contains participatory panels. Our extraordinary panelists are global industry-, academic and policy leaders debating actively about how the digital transformation will change their value chain. Our target audience is the engaged and forward-looking leaders from industry, finance, academia and policy makers.